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The Biden Admin Is Privately Conceding How Ukraine War Will End

via ABC News
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The Biden administration is shifting its strategy on Ukraine’s war efforts against Russia, now aiming for negotiations to end the conflict rather than seeking a Ukrainian victory.

While still supporting Ukraine, the administration is concerned about losing political support if peace talks are initiated.

“That’s been our theory of the case throughout — the only way this war ends ultimately is through negotiation,” a White House official stated. (Trending: Democrat Targets U.S. Troops With New Gun Control Law)

“We want Ukraine to have the strongest hand possible when that comes.”

“As they decide how they’re going to posture themselves in the next two to three months, it’s going to become physically harder to operate and go on the offensive,” they said.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive has faltered, leading to a decrease in Western support, and President Zelenskyy has proposed adding more troops.

Despite challenges, Ukraine is open to negotiations if Russia withdraws its military presence, while Russia has indicated willingness to negotiate while maintaining seized territory.

“Time has become a stark disadvantage when it comes to Ukraine’s manpower and industrial capacity, and that’s true even if the West continues its support,” former CIA analyst George Beebe said.

“The longer this goes on the more we’re going to have to concede up front just to get the Russians to the negotiating table.”

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