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Netanyahu Insists Post-War Gaza Will Need A Perimeter With Security Checkpoints

via ABC News
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlined three prerequisites for lasting peace between Israel and Gaza.

He emphasized the need to destroy the terror group Hamas, demilitarize Gaza to prevent future attacks, and deradicalize Palestinian society.

Netanyahu highlighted the challenges of targeting Hamas while protecting civilians and criticized international pressure on Israel’s response to Hamas. (Trending: Trump Releases Must-See Christmas Message)

He dismissed the idea of turning Gaza over to the Palestinian Authority due to its failure to control radicals and support for terrorism.

Netanyahu said, Hamas’ “military capabilities must be dismantled and its political rule over Gaza must end.”

“Hamas’s leaders have vowed to repeat the Oct. 7 massacre ‘again and again.’ That is why their destruction is the only proportional response to prevent the repeat of such horrific atrocities. Anything less guarantees more war and more bloodshed,” continued the Prime Minister.

“Unjustly blaming Israel for these casualties will only encourage Hamas and other terror organizations around the world to use human shields,” he continued.

“Israel must ensure that the territory is never again used as a base to attack it. Among other things, this will require establishing a temporary security zone on the perimeter of Gaza and an inspection mechanism on the border between Gaza and Egypt that meets Israel’s security needs and prevents smuggling of weapons into the territory,” wrote Netanyahu.

The prime minister stressed the importance of transforming Palestinian civil society to support fighting terrorism and highlighted the indoctrination of young Palestinians into radical Islam by Hamas.

“Schools must teach children to cherish life rather than death, and imams must cease to preach for the murder of Jews. Palestinian civil society needs to be transformed so that its people support fighting terrorism rather than funding it,” wrote Netanyahu.

Yaron Abraham said, “From there, we started to understand what was the goal of this institution. What is the goal? To turn you into a Shaheed. They did not give us weapons; they didn’t give us knives; they were working on turning us into living weapons.”

“You live [death] every day and every night. What scares you is staying alive, sinning; God forbid wanting to live as a normal human being, someone who wants to get married and such things, to get to know what it means to be a child,” explained Abraham.

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