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Denver Mayor: My Sanctuary City Is ‘Ground Zero for America’s Migrant Crisis’ — Migrants Need to Be Spread Out

via CBS
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Denver Mayor Mike Johnston described Denver as ground zero for America’s migrant crisis, highlighting the city’s significant influx of migrants.

He emphasized the need for more resources, work authorization, and a coordinated entry plan to distribute migrants to different cities across the US.

Johnston pointed out the challenges faced by the city and urged the federal government to address these issues, drawing parallels to the coordinated entry of asylees from Afghanistan or Ukraine. (Trending: Could Taylor Swift Save Biden In 2024?)

“I think that Denver is now ground zero for America’s migrant crisis,” said Johnston.

“We are, at this moment now, the single largest recipient city of any city in America per capita. We actually have more than two times as many migrants as the next city behind us based on our population. We’ve received more than a hundred buses in the last month alone, as you mentioned, more than 35,000 over the last year,” he continued.

“And so, we are working hard to try to help those folks integrate successfully. But we are hitting real challenges. And these are the ones we’ve been pushing the federal government on, which is, we need more resources, we mostly need more work authorization, and we need a coordinated entry plan so that folks that do arrive in the country can be distributed to different cities around the country in the same way we did with asylees from Afghanistan or Ukraine,” explained the Denver mayor.

“There is a way to manage coordinated entry of asylum seekers like this, but the current system does not work for cities on the border and cities on the inland,” added Johnston.

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