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Lawmaker Sounds Alarm On Government’s Hiding Of Alien Documentation: ‘It’s Power, Its Deception, It’s Corruption’

via C-SPAN
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Tennessee GOP Rep. Tim Burchett asserts that aliens are real and believes the government is concealing information about them.

His proposal to declassify UFO records was cut from an annual defense policy bill, which he claims would threaten the Pentagon’s existence due to the potential revelation of advanced energy sources.

Burchett suggests that the government’s recent openness about UFOs is a ploy to secure funding. (Trending: Democrat Found Guilty In Corruption Trial)

The proposal would have forced the government to declassify documents “‘relating to publicly known sightings’ of UFOs as long as they ‘do not reveal sources, methods or otherwise compromise the national security of the United States.'”

When questioned why the proposal was axed, Burchett said, “imagine if we did have something with this incredible energy source … it would put the Pentagon out of business.”

“It’s power, its deception, it’s corruption, it’s all those things in Washington.”

“As a member of Congress, you believe that our government knows far more about alien life than they are willing to tell us? How certain are you of that?” Burchett was asked.

“100%,” Burchett said.

“I’m not saying I know everything. But I do know that this thing has been a cover-up since day one.”

He also alleges that defense contractors have been involved in secretive projects related to alien technology, possibly linked to missing Pentagon funds.

“You just go down the list. All of our military branches, they’re gonna want more money to guess what? To study these things, right? It’s just been a cover-up from day one,” Burchett said.

The government “handed them off to the military defense contractors years ago, and the separation means the media can’t address it through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) because these are private enterprises.”

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