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‘Terrifying’: Republicans Warn Court That Trump’s ‘Dangerous Argument’ Opens Door To More Crimes

via Trump White House Archived on Youtube
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A group of former Republican federal officials filed an amicus brief urging a federal court to reject Donald Trump’s claim of presidential immunity in his D.C. election subversion case, warning that accepting this claim would set a dangerous precedent.

They argued that such immunity should not enable criminal conduct to alter election outcomes.

The appeals process is expected to delay the case, but legal experts anticipate the initial ruling to stand. (Trending: Famous Actor Under Investigation After Calling For Biden’s Execution)

“Nothing in our Constitution, or any case, supports former President Trump’s dangerous argument for criminal immunity,” the brief read.

“The last thing presidential immunity should do is embolden Presidents who lose re-election to engage in criminal conduct, through official acts or otherwise, as part of efforts to prevent the vesting of executive power required by Article II in their lawfully-elected successors,” they added.

“These terrifying possibilities are real, not remote.”

“It’s kind of ridiculous,” Texas defense lawyer Paul Saputo said.

“We’re not even going to have a 5-4 decision. I don’t think it’s going to be a close call.”

“They realize that in order for them to really keep the country together, it’s got to be pretty unanimous.”

“There have been so few presidents as crooked as Trump,” Michael Waldman said.

“Even if the Supreme Court doesn’t want a president always looking over his back… if they want to try to draw a line, what they can say is, ‘This was not just some random act he did while in office,” Waldman added.

“This was his attempt to overthrow the Constitution,” he said.

“This was about the presidency. You can’t use presidential immunity… to cling to the presidency.”

The trial is seen as a significant threat to Trump, potentially occurring before the next election.

“There is still a lot of space, even if we lose a couple months, for that to be tried and go to the jury, conviction, one might think,” former U.S Attorney Harry Litman said.

“Plenty of time before the election, though; not plenty of time before he secures the nomination. But, that to me, is coming at him with the most seriousness.”

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