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First Amendment Claim Struck Down In Case Focused On Diary of Biden’s Daughter

via O’Keefe Media Group on Youtube

A judge rejected Project Veritas’ First Amendment claim, allowing prosecutors to access over 900 documents related to the alleged theft of President Joe Biden’s daughter’s diary.

The group’s lawyers are considering appealing the ruling, but the judge stated that the documents can be given to investigators by January 5.

The case will lead to the raids and seizures of electronic devices from Project Veritas members. (Trending: Trump Releases Must-See Christmas Message)

Project Veritas attorneys stated that the investigation “seems undertaken not to vindicate any real interests of justice, but rather to stifle the press from investigating the President’s family.”

“It is impossible to imagine the government investigating an abandoned diary (or perhaps the other belongings left behind with it), had the diary not been written by someone with the last name ‘Biden,’” they said.

The judge dismissed First Amendment arguments, citing Supreme Court precedent, and noted that Project Veritas couldn’t protect the identity of a confidential source.

Two individuals have pleaded guilty in the case, but the group itself has not been charged with any crime.

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