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California To Fine Stores That Don’t Have A ‘Gender Neutral’ Kids Toy Section

via NBC News

California has passed a law requiring stores with over 500 employees to create a gender-neutral toy section for kids 12 and under, or face fines.

Traditional boys and girls sections can still exist, but a gender-neutral section must also be established.

Critics argue that the law violates free speech, while supporters believe it will eliminate gender discrimination and stereotypes. (Trending: Trump Releases Must-See Christmas Message)

“This is government-compelled speech,” Vice President of the California Family Research Council Greg Burt said.

“The government is deciding to tell a religious person, could be a Muslim-owned business, that they have to use certain words to advertise toys, and those words might violate the belief systems of that particular Muslim-owned business.

“You got the government now dictating the signage in stores, about what words can be used to advertise products,” he added.

“This is opening a Pandora’s Box.”

“Keeping similar items that are traditionally marketed either for girls or for boys separated makes it more difficult for the consumer to compare the products and incorrectly implies that their use by one gender is inappropriate,” the legislation reads.

“My hope is this bill encourages more businesses across California and the U.S. to avoid reinforcing harmful and outdated stereotypes,” Democrat lawmaker Evan Low said.

Failure to comply after Jan. 1, 2024, may result in civil penalties.

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