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Jack Smith has ‘sprawling’ criminal evidence against Trump, CBS discovers

via Trump White House Archived on Youtube
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Special counsel Jack Smith’s case against Donald Trump is more extensive than previously thought, according to CBS correspondent Robert Costa.

The Supreme Court’s refusal to decide on Trump’s immunity claims immediately suggests that the case is likely to return to the court.

Costa highlighted the focus on Trump’s conduct around January 6th and whether he conspired against the government. (Trending: Democrat Found Guilty In Corruption Trial)

“As I look ahead as a reporter, the campaign is going to come back again and again, likely to the high court, and how it’s going to consider Trump’s conduct in and around January 6th,” said Costa.

“Whether it’s the immunity question, whether it’s about the January 6th defendants who have their cases coming before the Supreme Court, whether it’s about how the court’s going to proceed if Trump’s convicted in the special counsel case,” he continued.

“Based on our reporting at CBS News, the special counsel has phone records,” revealed the host.

“He has memos and diary entries from key witnesses, like former Vice President Mike Pence, key eyewitness testimony from people who are inside the Oval Office with Trump,” Costa continued.

“But they had something in the special counsel’s office the January 6th Committee never had, which is subpoena power to really go deep with witnesses and not just get public testimony and some depositions,” explained Costa.

“They’ve gone deep. And I’ve talked to people who participated in this investigation as lawyers, sometimes even as witnesses,” Costa claimed.

“And it’s evident to me, based on my conversations with sources, that Jack Smith has a sprawling case against former President Donald Trump,” concluded the political correspondent.

Jan Crawford commented, “They are not going to rule that he is immune from criminal prosecution.”

“And I don’t think it’s even going to be close. It could be 9-0,” added Crawford.

He noted that the special counsel’s office has phone records, memos, diary entries, and key witness testimonies, indicating a comprehensive investigation.

Additionally, CBS correspondent Jan Crawford predicted that the high court would likely reject Trump’s claims of presidential immunity.

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