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Israeli Poll: Third of Arab Israelis Say Hamas’ Actions Align with Islamic Values

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A recent poll found that one-third of Israel’s Arab citizens disagreed with Ra’am lawmaker Mansour Abbas’ statement about the Hamas massacre not reflecting Arab society, Palestinian people, and the Islamic nation.

The poll, conducted between Nov. 27 and Dec. 4, 2023, with 538 men and women interviewed, indicates differing views among Arab Israelis.

Another survey showed that a significant number of Arab Israelis hold views conflicting with the country’s values, with 32% not believing that Hamas terrorists intentionally targeted women and children.

Additionally, 44% did not feel Israel’s response to the Hamas attack was justified, and 38% believed both Israel and Hamas share responsibility for the outbreak of war.

“Thirty-three percent of all Arab Israelis surveyed disagreed with the statement while a further 11% ‘didn’t know,'” the report noted.

“Among Muslim Arabs only (separating out Druze and Christians) the number was larger still, with 34.5% disagreeing with the statement and 12.5% answering ‘didn’t know.'”

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