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Gaza Must Be ‘Deradicalized’ Like Post-WWII Germany As Part Of ‘Prerequisites For Peace,’ Netanyahu Says

via NBC News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized the need for deradicalization in Gaza, drawing parallels to post-World War II Germany and Japan.

He outlined three prerequisites for peace: the destruction of Hamas, demilitarization of Gaza, and the purging of Palestinian terror ideology.

Netanyahu defended the IDF’s actions and called for a temporary security zone around Gaza. (Trending: Trans Athlete Breaks College Record After Joining Women’s Team)

“Gaza will have to be deradicalized,” Netanyahu wrote. “Schools must teach children to cherish life rather than death, and imams must cease to preach for the murder of Jews.”

“Palestinian civil society needs to be transformed so that its people support fighting terrorism rather than funding it. Successful deradicalization took place in Germany and Japan after the Allied victory in World War II,” he added.

“Today, both nations are great allies of the US and promote peace, stability and prosperity in Europe and Asia.” He also opposed giving control of the area to the Palestinian Authority, citing concerns about its support for terrorism.

The military operation was initiated following a Hamas terror attack, with Netanyahu affirming a commitment to continue until the conflict is resolved.

“The expectation that the Palestinian Authority will demilitarize Gaza is a pipe dream,” Netanyahu wrote. “It currently funds and glorifies terrorism in Judea and Samaria and educates Palestinian children to seek the destruction of Israel.”

“Not surprisingly it has shown neither the capability nor the will to demilitarize Gaza. It failed to do so before Hamas booted it out of the territory in 2007, and it has failed to do so in the territories under its control today.”

“For the foreseeable future, Israel will have to retain overriding security responsibility over Gaza,” he concluded.

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