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CNN’s Alyssa Farah Griffin Says Trump ‘Honestly Is Worried that He Will End Up in Jail’

via PBS
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CNN political analyst Alyssa Farah Griffin commented on former President Donald Trump’s Christmas message, stating that it reflects his concern about potential legal issues, particularly related to the DOJ’s investigation into the events of January 6.

She emphasized that Trump’s focus on this investigation drives his political campaign, indicating his fear of ending up in jail and his desire to get elected to potentially pardon himself.

She also criticized his messaging and policies, highlighting extremist views and un-American proposals. (Trending: Trump Releases Must-See Christmas Message)

Griffin said Trump’s message shows that he is “worried that he will end up in jail.”

“Listen, it’s kind of vintage Donald Trump. He is known for these kinds of unhinged holiday rants, and then he follows up with a clip of him on Home Alone 2,” continued Griffin.

“Listen, it shows that Jack Smith lives in his head in a very big way. He is very concerned about the DOJ investigation into the events around January 6,” explained the CNN host.

“This is the driving force behind his political campaign. As much as his campaign advisers would want it to be the economy, jobs, foreign policy, he keeps going back to the fact that he honestly is worried that he will end up in jail. He needs to get elected president to pardon himself. So kind of his true colors are showing when he makes it all about Jack Smith and then puts a bow on it with the old ‘Rot in hell’ at the end,” said Griffin.

“We are still in a primary season, the juxtaposition of my party, and not a single vote has been technically cast yet, and we are very much careening into running somebody who will likely lose head-to-head to Joe Biden only because he cannot get out of his own way,” added the analyst.

“The messaging and the rhetoric and the extremist policies, and we are not litigating a lot of what he has laid out for the second term agenda, but he is talking about internment camps, mass deportation and punishing former staffers, and that is un-American,” claimed Griffin.

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