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Eagle Pass Mayor: Border Crisis Will Continue Without ‘Large’ Deportations, Quick Processing Is Drawing Migrants

via FOX
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Eagle Pass, TX Mayor Rolando Salinas expressed concern about the lack of consequences for violating immigration law, leading to a continuous influx of thousands of people into the city.

He emphasized the need for deportation as a deterrent and stressed the impact on the community’s safety and economy.

Salinas urged leaders to address the situation and enforce consequences for illegal crossings to prevent further strain on the city. (Trending: Joe Biden Emailed Hunter’s Business Associates 54 Times)

“I want to tell our leaders…that this is unacceptable. Our city here in Eagle Pass, we’ve been getting slammed with 2 to 3,000 people a day, and it’s just an unfair, unethical situation what’s going on here in Eagle Pass,” Salinas said.

“There needs to be a consequence to so many people crossing illegally. If somebody breaks a law, there needs to be a consequence. And right now, there are no consequences.”

“That’s why you have thousands of people coming in through my city, and it’s impacting our citizens every single day, in many ways.”

And “Until we start deporting these people, they’re going to keep coming and they’re going to keep affecting the economy, the safety of my community.”

“There has to be a consequence to somebody breaking the law. People know that they’re processing them quick, that’s why they keep coming. So, until we start deporting people in large amounts, this will continue to keep going.”

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