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‘Barbarity And Pure Evil’ Found Support On College Campuses

via CBS Miami
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In 2023, following the Oct. 7 terror attacks, there was a surge in campus antisemitism, leading to protests and concerns about safety for Jewish students.

Several universities suspended pro-Palestinian groups, and Florida directed colleges to terminate support for Hamas.

Congressional investigations and legal actions were initiated against universities over alleged antisemitism. (Trending: Trans Athlete Breaks College Record After Joining Women’s Team)

Jonah Cohen, a communications director at the Committee for Accuracy of Middle East Reporting in America, said, “Americans are beginning to awaken to the presence of extremist and antisemitic ideologies prevailing in our universities.”

Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project, said, “The Oct. 7th terrorist attacks by Hamas exposed [systemic Jew-hatred on college campuses] reality like never before.”

“The barbarity and pure evil of the unspeakable acts committed by these terrorists against civilians – men, women, and children – shocked the world. But what was just as shocking was what we saw next: college students and faculty cheering these attacks,” said Goldstein.

This led to increased scrutiny of university presidents, with some facing resignations and allegations of academic dishonesty.

The situation impacted student decisions about attending top-tier schools, and law firms warned universities about hiring students due to the handling of the issue.

“How can Jewish students feel safe on this campus when this abhorrent hate speech is occurring near our campus?” asked Cornell Student Netanel Shapira.

Adding, “This institution cannot allow an antisemite and justifier of terror to use Cornell to give his viewpoint legitimacy.”

Liora Rez from StopAntisemitism said, “Students for Justice in Palestine and its related groups have not only repeatedly cheered antisemitic terrorism, they have advocated importing it to America.”

“Their presence on campus inarguably leads to more hostility towards Jews, and their unrepentant embrace of violence should disqualify them from every campus in the country,” she continued.

Roz Rothstein of the pro-Israel group StandWithUs said, “For over two decades, we’ve raised concerns about this issue… and it appears that now, finally, our warnings are resonating with the wider public.”

Christopher Rim, CEO of New York and Miami-based Command Education said, “Virtually every student I’ve ever worked with who got into Harvard early pretty much stopped [looking elsewhere].”

“This is the first time this has happened,” he continued. “Normally, my student will get into Harvard or a top-tier school, and then that’ll be it. We’re done,” said Rim.

“So congratulations. We’ve finished the process, but now we’re seeing students say, ‘You know what? Let me double think this. Let me think about other options,’” concluded Rim.

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