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Taylor Lorenz Reportedly Skips Fourth Christmas In A Row Because ‘Selfish People’ Won’t Wear Masks

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Journalist Taylor Lorenz announced on social media that she would be skipping Christmas celebrations for the fourth year due to COVID concerns, blaming “selfish people” who refuse to wear masks.

She has long advocated for pandemic-era COVID measures and criticized the CDC for relaxing guidelines.

Lorenz, who claims to be disabled and to have PTSD from online harassment, expressed frustration at the lack of consideration for high-risk and disabled individuals in society, stating that they shouldn’t have to risk their lives to participate in public life. (Trending: Judge Announces Historic Ruling In Jeffrey Epstein Case)

“Totally agree with you on the mitigation advice, but I very much judge anyone who participates in the social murder of disabled people just because it’s ‘the holidays.’ Many of us who are high risk are missing our FOURTH Christmas because other selfish people can’t be bothered to mask and take basic precautions that allow us to safely participate in public life,” Lorenz wrote.

“They don’t feel enough shame and judgement in my opinion, instead infection has been fully normalized.”

“Literally what is the plan for high risk/medically vulnerable and disabled people? Just let us die while the world marches on??” Lorenz posted. ”

“The same ppl complaining non stop abt the ‘mental health’ cost of lockdowns (even though we never had full lockdowns) & having to wear masks, are perfectly happy to force disabled ppl to stay locked away forever or keep an N95 glued to their face every time they step into public,” she added.

“Disabled/medically vulnerable ppl shouldn’t have to risk their lives to participate in society, nor are most even given that choice.”

“Disabled people also have to work, go to school, grocery shop, go to the doctor’s office. We are human beings in the world just like everyone else,” she said.

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