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RFK Jr. Rides The Fence: ‘I Don’t Want To Pick A Particular Justice’

via Forbes Breaking News
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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an Independent candidate in the 2024 election, declined to name potential Supreme Court nominees or align with specific justices in a recent interview.

When pressed on the issue, Kennedy emphasized his values, including free market capitalism, environmental protection, civil rights, and skepticism toward corporate control.

He expressed reluctance to endorse specific justices or their decisions, instead focusing on the qualities he would seek in a nominee, such as a holistic assessment of their stance on various issues. (Trending: Judge Announces Historic Ruling In Jeffrey Epstein Case)

“I would say I’m going to appoint judges who, who reflect my values,” RFK Jr. said.

When Charlie Kirk questioned whether Clarence Thomas or Elena Kagan more accurately aligned with him politically, he said, “I don’t know, I wouldn’t answer that.”

“But respectfully, you’re running for president,” Kirk said.

“That’s a huge issue for voters, especially for Second Amendment rights, abortion.”

Kennedy then pointed to his “important issues.”

“Free market capitalism, strong environmental protection, strong liberties, human rights, civil rights, bodily autonomy, and skepticism toward big business and corporate control of our country and a hostility toward corruption,” he said.

When questioned of his most admired Supreme Court justice, Kennedy said, “Earl Warren,” to which Kirk pointed out that Warren’s court put an end to praying in public schools.

“This is why I don’t want to pick a particular justice,” Kennedy said.

“I’m telling you what I would look for in a justice, but I’m not going to endorse every decision.”

“So I can see the trick here, which is I name a judge and you’re going to pick a decision that I would not endorse.”

“It’s not a trick. You’re running for president and you know I have respect for you,” Kirk said.

“I would look at the whole package,” he said.

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