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Republican Officials Shoot Down Barring Biden From Ballot: ‘We Believe In Democracy’

via CBS News
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Kellyanne Conway, substituting for Fox News host Sean Hannity, asked South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem if she could bar President Joe Biden from the ballot in her state, following a decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to omit Donald Trump from their primary ballot.

Noem indicated that she didn’t believe she had that power, emphasizing the balance of the court system and the need to uphold state laws and the Constitution.

“Governor Noem, would you be able to bar Biden from the ballot in your state of South Dakota if, say, he violated that part of the 14th amendment by unfreezing assets for Iran or allowed terrorists to just openly walk over the Southern border?” Conway asked. (Trending: Judge Announces Historic Ruling In Jeffrey Epstein Case)

“I mean, do you think that you’d have that power, your highest court would have that power?”

Noem said, “You know, I don’t believe so. That’s what is so interesting.”

“The process that the court has is a balance to our federal government. It is a balance to our executive branch ― a balance to our legislative branch.”

“So us exerting the kind of influence on the court and their decisions to take that kind of action is really unprecedented. So, I trust our South Dakota state laws ― our Constitution.”

“It gives great guidance to us, and our court system understands that their job is to follow statute and give decisions based on the scales of justice.”

“I would be hopeful that other states would do that and not let liberal judges rewrite the rules of the game to work for their political interests.”

“This is where the Supreme Court should, and I hope will, take quick action, strong action to reverse this decision at the lower court and make sure that they do the right thing by the American people and make sure their voices are heard.”

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick also suggested barring Biden from the ballot, “except we believe in democracy in Texas,” he pressed.

Both instances reflect Republican outrage and a desire to challenge decisions related to ballot access.

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