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Presidential Historian Claims Donald Trump Uses Language that ‘Led to the Holocaust’

via CNBC Television
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Presidential historian Michael Beschloss discussed on MSNBC how former President Donald Trump’s language intentionally echoes that which led to the Holocaust.

He emphasized that Trump is aware of the historical implications and believes it is effective among “the many racist Americans that are out there.”

The conversation also touched on the lack of condemnation from within Trump’s party and the support he receives from a subset of Americans, with the suggestion that some advisors see it as a way to rally racist support. (Trending: Joe Biden Emailed Hunter’s Business Associates 54 Times)

“Absolutely, and provide Hitler with an easy way to blame the many ills of Germany 1924 after World War I, one group which was Jewish people as well as some others but it was mainly Jews,” Beschloss said.

“And for Donald Trump as a former president and possible future president to use that language, knowing that that language led to the Holocaust, he knows what he’s doing, and he thinks it works.”

“The question of course, Michael, it’s how we got here? How we got to the point where someone like Donald Trump should say the things he does, where the members of his own party horn power don’t strongly condemn it, that the people running against him for president very much stand by him and there’s a significant subset of Americans who supported themselves, for whom it is actually motivating?” Alicia Menendez pressed.

“Yes, that’s exactly right. Obviously the people who advise him say this is going to create intense support among, I’m sure they’re saying the many racist Americans that are out there and can have influence beyond their numbers,” Beschloss said.

“If you look at the way that Nikki Haley, just to take one example, replied to that question about this language, she said nothing.”

“That’s the way it spreads.”

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