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Gun Laws Enacted Across US In 2023 Made Country Majority Constitutional Carry

via ABC Action News

In 2023, the U.S. saw a significant increase in permitless carry laws, leading to 27 states adopting constitutional carry laws.

This allows legal residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit.

As a result, the number of Americans with concealed carry permits slightly decreased, with more people legally carrying firearms. (Trending: Joe Biden Emailed Hunter’s Business Associates 54 Times)

The NRA and its allies have been actively advocating for constitutional carry legislation, aiming to make it the “law of the land.”

This shift has also led to changes in the demographics of permit holders, with more permits being issued in minority and low-income areas.

“The gun control lobby and their allies pledged to dismantle self-defense laws and the Second Amendment. That strategy has backfired,” NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre said.

“In 2021, there were 16 states with NRA Constitutional Carry. Just three years later, there are 27 states.”

“Americans in 11 states stood with freedom and the NRA.”

“Constitutional Carry is in the books,” DeSantis said upon signing the law.

“Signing this bill upholds the promise I made to voters to protect our constitutional rights and promote commonsense, conservative values,” Gov. Jim Pillen said.

“I appreciate the hard work of those senators who supported this legislation, and particularly that of Sen. Brewer who led this charge and carried it through to the end.”

​​”I’ve been tracking the number of concealed carry permits since 1998,” Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) founder and President John Lott said.

“And what you find is that this is the first year that there’s actually been a drop in the number of concealed carry permits. It’s not very much, but you basically see two different types of states.”

“In the constitutional carry states, there was a drop. In all the other states, there was an increase.”

“The main reason for the drop is that the number of permits declines gradually in the constitutional carry states even though it is clear that more people are legally carrying.”

“With NRA Constitutional Carry, law-abiding citizens are able to defend themselves without having government permission first. That is why NRA won’t stop until Constitutional Carry is the law of the land,” LaPierre said.

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