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Former Trump Aide Asks Judge To Dismiss ‘Half-Baked’ Hunter Biden Laptop Civil Case


Former Trump aide Garrett Ziegler is seeking to dismiss a civil lawsuit filed by Hunter Biden, claiming it is based on “half-baked legal challenges” and lacks evidence of computer access.

Ziegler’s legal team argues that sharing the laptop’s contents is protected speech involving a public figure.

“Plaintiff alleges no facts which demonstrate Defendants ever accessed any computer, storage, or service which Plaintiff either owns or has exclusive control over,” the motion read. (Trending: Judge Announces Historic Ruling In Jeffrey Epstein Case)

Biden’s lawsuit accuses Ziegler and his company of distributing explicit material from the laptop.

Ziegler’s team believes Biden’s lawsuit is “aimed at chilling the valid exercise of the constitutional rights of freedom of speech.”

Biden’s attorneys describe Ziegler as a “zealot” engaging in illegal activities.

“While Defendant Ziegler is entitled to his extremist and counterfactual opinions, he has no right to engage in illegal activities to advance his right-wing agenda,” lawyers Abbe Lowell, Bryan Sullivan, Zachary Hansen and Paul Salvaty wrote.

Ziegler’s legal representation questions the connection to California and the lawsuit’s jurisdiction.

Hunter Biden is facing criminal charges in the same California court and has filed other civil lawsuits.

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