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DeSantis Calls Out Corrupt Prosecutors: ‘Guys Like Bragg, They Abuse Their Power’

via CBN News

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed that he wishes Trump had not been indicted on the recent legal issues, believing it distorted the primary and crowded out other important issues.

He criticized prosecutors like Alvin Bragg, accusing them of abusing their power and viewing law as an extension of politics, which he sees as dangerous for the country.

DeSantis also suggested that the legal challenges have made Trump stronger in some ways and tougher for himself and others in the primary, and he believes that the Democrats and media have plans to handle the situation if Trump becomes the presumptive nominee in the future. (Trending: Assault Weapons Ban Set To Take Effect, Here’s What To Know)

“Is there anything you, if not regret, you look at this campaign and go, Oh, I wish I would have done that. How do you feel about that?” David Brody asked.

“Well, there are always different things that happen. I mean, I would say if I could have one thing change, I wish Trump hadn’t been indicted on any of this stuff,” DeSantis said.

“I mean, honestly, I think that from Alvin Bragg on, I’ve criticized the cases. I think, you know, someone like a Bragg would not have brought that case if it was anyone other than Donald Trump.”

“And so, you know, someone like that is distorting justice, which is bad. But I also think it distorted the primary. And I think those have kind of been the main issues that have happened.”

“Because it’s helped him. Is that what you’re saying?” Brody pressed.

“It’s both that. But then it also is just crowded out, I think, so much other stuff and it’s sucked out a lot of oxygen,” DeSantis said.

“And so, you know, some of these guys like Bragg, they abuse their power. I mean, incidentally, he’s a Soros-backed prosecutor. I’m the only one in the country, I have removed two, one from Tampa and one from Orlando.”

“And it does show you that they view law as an extension of politics. And that gets very dangerous when this country goes down that road.”

“But that’s interesting. You’re saying it made him stronger in a way and it made it tougher for you and others?” Brody asked.

“I think for the primary, it distorted. Yeah, I think it distorted. Now in a general election. I think the Democrats have a plan on this,” DeSantis said.

“I think the media has a plan on this. And I think if it gets to the point where six months from now, Trump is the presumptive nominee and he’s having to go through all this, they have a plan for how they’re they’re going to ride this out.”

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