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China Accused Of Working on Bioweapons Targeting Human Brains

via Guardian News
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Gordon G. Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” raised concerns about China’s alleged experimentation with biological weapons targeting human brains.

The report by The Washington Times detailed Chinese Communist Party studies on weapons designed to induce sleep-related disturbances, create brain-device connections, and develop pharmaceuticals to genetically and physiologically impair individuals.

Chang and Fred Fleitz emphasized the need to challenge China on its biological weapons program, suggesting a potential link to the global COVID-19 pandemic and highlighting the serious violation of the Biological Weapons Convention. (Trending: Joe Biden Emailed Hunter’s Business Associates 54 Times)

“These are biological weapons, and China isn’t part of the Biological Weapons Convention that would outlaw this,” Chang said.

“This whole idea of ‘genetic drugs,’ although it has not really been fleshed out, clearly it is a biological weapon.”

“And certainly, the other weapons that we’ve been talking about in this Washington Times report … [are] essentially biological-influenced,” Chang wrote.

“This is a biological weapon that’s being contemplated. Sophisticated drugs and psychological pressure in combination with these drugs to take over the minds of enemy soldiers,” Fleitz said.

“This is a very serious violation of the Biological Weapons Convention.”

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