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Wife of Navy Officer Who Was Jailed Abroad and Locked Up Upon Returning to US Calls Out Biden

via ABC News

Brittany Alkonis, the wife of U.S. Navy Lt. Ridge Alkonis, who was imprisoned in Japan following a car crash, is criticizing President Joe Biden’s administration for not securing justice for her husband.

Alkonis, accused of a crash related to Acute Mountain Sickness, was returned to the U.S. but immediately placed in a federal prison.

Brittany Alkonis is urging Biden to consider commuting her husband’s sentence, emphasizing the emotional toll on their family, particularly during the holiday season. (Trending: Assault Weapons Ban Set To Take Effect, Here’s What To Know)

Utah Sen. Mike Lee has also spoken out, suggesting that Alkonis is being targeted due to his American nationality and a medical emergency.

When questioned if the White House ought to commute the sentence, Brittany Alkonis said it is “his choice alone.”

“I cannot say that — that is up to the president’s discretion,” she said. “It is his choice alone.”

“He could be home in time for Christmas,” she said. “When I was driving my kids home from their grandparents’ house last night, they sat in the backseat, commiserating over repeated nightmares that they have.”

“And the [nightmares] all have to do with Ridge not coming home, with their dad dying in prison before he comes home.”

“It’s unacceptable, and it’s unnecessary. He could be home today if the U.S. government wanted him to.”

Utah Sen. Mike Lee said it is “nothing short of inexcusable that an American who experienced a medical emergency should be treated so poorly by an Allied nation that he’s protecting.”

“Clearly the Japanese judicial system is trying to make an example of Lt. Alkonis — perhaps stemming from a history of disputes over our Status of Forces Agreement,” he said.

“He is being targeted because he is an American and because he was in the unfortunate position of having suffered a medical emergency that resulted in tragedy.”

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