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Scientists Say AI Now Able To Reproduce New AI On Its Own

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A scientific collaboration has achieved a breakthrough in creating larger AI models that can autonomously develop smaller AI models.

These smaller models have practical applications such as identifying human voices, monitoring pipelines, and tracking wildlife in confined spaces.

The self-replicating AI concept has sparked negative reactions on social media, with references to sci-fi scenarios like Terminator and The Matrix. (Trending: Prominent LGBTQ Activist Arrested Over Disturbing Charges)

Yubei Chan, one of the project’s researchers, said “This month, we just demonstrated the first proof of concept such that one type of model can be automatically designed all the way from data generation to the model deployment and testing without human intervention.”

“If we think about ChatGPT and tiny machine learning, they are on the two extremes of the spectrum of intelligence,” he continued.

“The large models … reside in the cloud. On the other hand, we are building the smallest models,” explained Chan. “They reside in things.”

“Did anyone ever see Terminator 2?” inquired an X user.

Another person predicted, “Just wait until they realize we’re the problem.”

“Skynet has become self aware,” joked a third.

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