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NBC Reporter Shocked by Reality of Eagle Pass Border Crossing Numbers

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NBC News correspondent Guad Venegas reported from the U.S. southern border, highlighting the largest group of migrants ever seen in Eagle Pass, Texas.

He attributed the surge to lax policing at the U.S.-Mexican border and mentioned the impact on border security.

Venegas described the overwhelming processing of migrants and the redirection of resources from railroads to migrant processing.

Venegas said “this is the largest group of migrants” he and his colleagues had ever seen in years.

“Not just here,” Venegas said. “It’s happening in Arizona, it’s happening in parts of California, it’s happening in different parts of the border.”

“Many of the migrants are telling each other: ‘Now is the time to go to the U.S.-Mexico border,’” Venegas said.

“There’s lines going down the river of migrants that just crossed and are being brought into the field. And then you have the people that slept here overnight,” Venegas said.

“As they’re being processed, more are coming in,” he said.

“So you have an entire system that is being created in this holding area … where essentially it’s too big for them to do it anywhere else, so they chose this field, and this is what’s happening,” he said.

“We’re told the agents that normally police the railroads crossing into the U.S. are now focussing on processing migrants,” he said.

The segment ended with speculation about potential changes in the United States after the 2024 election and concerns about the Biden administration’s response to the border crisis.

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