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Greenwald: Removing Trump From Ballot Is ‘What Every Country We Accuse Of Being Anti-Democratic Does’

via FOX31 Denver
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Journalist Glenn Greenwald criticized Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) president Noah Bookbinder for taking credit in getting Trump removed from the presidential ballot in Colorado.

Greenwald argues that such actions, including censoring, imprisoning, and removing Trump from the ballot, are attacks on democracy, despite being portrayed as a defense of democracy.

He highlights the lack of due process and the attempt to prevent citizens from voting for Trump as concerning and a dangerous assault on democratic values. (Trending: Prominent LGBTQ Activist Arrested Over Disturbing Charges)

“This makes me physically sick,” Greenwald said.

“They are claiming endlessly for years now that only they are the guardians of American democracy, that American democracy is under existential threat from Donald Trump, and therefore everything they do — censoring the internet, trying to imprison Trump, putting his supporters in jail, keeping them in solitary confinement for months, criminalizing the Trump movement by calling it an ‘insurrectionary movement,’ and now trying to remove him from the ballot so people can’t vote for him — somehow is not an attack on democracy, which of course it is, but a vindication off democracy. ‘This is a huge moment for democracy.’ To remove the person who more people want to be president than anyone else from the presidential ballot.”

“This is something that when Vladimir Putin does it, imprisons Navalny, even though Putin is way more popular in Russia than Navalny, we say Russia’s democracy is a fraud.”

“Putin imprisons his main adversary and doesn’t allow him to run. This is what the Egyptian dictator did… This is what every country we accuse of being anti-democratic does.”

“The United States is now doing this, and it is being spearheaded by this group.”

“One need not have a law degree to detect its most significant error. Donald Trump, despite being indicted in four separate jurisdictions, has never once been convicted or charged with the crime of ‘insurrection.'”

“Both DOJ special prosecutor Jack Smith, as well as the Democratic Party prosecutor in Atlanta, charged Trump with multiple felonies related to his conduct regarding the 2020 election, and yet both of them, despite being able to do so, opted not to charge Trump with engaging in an insurrection or even inciting an insurrection.”

“But no matter, these four state court judges, without any of the due process required for judging someone guilty of a crime, have decreed that he is nonetheless guilty of that crime! One with which he has never even been charged.”

“It is beyond dispute now that the primary tactic of the Democratic Party and their media allies for winning in 2024 is not to convince voters to vote for them, but instead to imprison their chief political opponent and to prevent American citizens forcibly from voting for him. Whatever else this is, saving democracy clearly has nothing to do with it.”

“It is genuinely hard to imagine a more glaring and more dangerous full-frontal assault on democratic values than what American liberals and the Democratic Party are doing to prevent Trump from running, or even remaining free,” he said.

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