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China Is Capitalizing On Hamas Terrorist Attacks

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There is concern that China is using the conflict between Israel and Hamas to further its own interests.

China’s conciliatory tone towards Hamas is part of its larger strategy to displace and undermine American global leadership.

China has a growing engagement in the Middle East, and its friendship with Iran is particularly concerning. (Trending: Prominent LGBTQ Activist Arrested Over Disturbing Charges)

According to the Op-ed, “China’s conciliatory tone toward Hamas is part of its larger strategy to displace and undermine American global leadership, particularly in the developing world.”

“China’s growing engagement in the Middle East has been calculated,” continued the outlet.

“From its predatory lending practices in African countries struggling with jihadi insurgents and armed militias to building significant trade relationships with anti-democratic dictators, the CCP has long been working to tip the global geopolitical scales in its favor.”

China and Iran have a shared interest in seeing America’s foreign policy objectives fail.

China has also attempted to sow discord in the US by promoting anti-Israel, pro-Hamas content on TikTok and backing pro-Hamas protests across the US.

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