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Biden’s Team Weighs How To Talk To Key Voters About Trump

via 60 Minutes
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President Joe Biden and his team are navigating a delicate balance in their approach to addressing Donald Trump’s potential 2024 candidacy.

While publicly Biden’s events and advertising focus on his economic achievements, in private discussions, Biden and his aides express concerns about Trump’s potential return to the Oval Office.

The campaign is targeting disengaged Democrats, independents, and some Republicans who are not yet ready to consider Trump’s candidacy. (Trending: Prominent LGBTQ Activist Arrested Over Disturbing Charges)

“How do we think about the calibration on Trump?” A senior Biden adviser pressed.

“Because that’s a very complicated thing to understand,” the adviser said.

“People generally have their opinions about him.”

“But what is it that’s going to lead people to be tuned in to taking action, as opposed to being tuned out because they don’t want to deal with him?”

They are also focusing on building a trove of video clips of other Republican candidates criticizing Trump.

“Let me be clear: Donald Trump poses many threats to the country, from the right to choose to civil rights to voting rights to America’s standing in the world,” Biden said during a fundraiser.

“The greatest threat Trump poses is to our democracy. Because if we lose, we lose everything.”

Additionally, the campaign is prioritizing issue-based communication over electoral messaging, particularly among women voters.

The Biden team is strategizing to win over specific voter groups, emphasizing the importance of issue-centric outreach and the challenges posed by the unique situation of a current president and a former president running against each other.

“We have a really unique situation here, which is we have a current president and a former president running against each other,” a Biden campaign official said.

“It’s hard to draw comparisons of what we’ve done in the past when you have that kind of a situation.”

“In 2020, people really had a clear vision of who Trump was, and so we needed to show them who Biden was,” the official added.

“Now, Biden’s been much more in the news than Trump. So [our goal is] returning our focus to reminding people who Trump is and what Trump would represent in the future.”

The adviser noted that female voters are usually “the non-conflict glue of their families and of their communities.”

“They have to be friends with the random mom and dad of the kid that their kid plays with,” the adviser said.

“So in that context, they do not want to engage in politics, because that is conflict.”

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