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Garry Kasparov Calls Out CNN For Oddly Sympathetic Coverage Of Hamas Terrorists

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Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov blasted CNN for writing about an “alleged” Hamas tunnel, rather than facing the facts.

Kasparov was the world’s greatest player for 21 consecutive years.

“What to know about the alleged Hamas tunnel Israel claims to have found,” CNN wrote. (Trending: Judge Announces Historic Ruling In Jeffrey Epstein Case)

“‘Alleged Hamas tunnel Israel claims to have found’? Really, @CNN? Is it possible it’s not really a tunnel? That is was built by aliens? That Israel didn’t find it?” Kasparov posted.

“There has to be a balance where the news media can cite a source without independent confirmation but while also recognizing obvious facts instead of casting doubt,” he said.

“I think it’s an overreaction to falling for the Hamas hospital hoax, although most still cite Hamas propaganda. But ‘alleged Hamas tunnel’ is absurd.”

“But I’d be interested in estimates of how much it cost, where the materials came from, how much $ from the UN & EU.”

Kasparov previously stated, “It’s a war of freedom and democracy against tyranny and dictatorships, and Israel has been fighting this war for a long time. … Our enemies have not lost hopes to eradicate Jewishness from history. Today, the Nazis of modern times, they want to have their final, final solution.”

“This is not an ordinary challenge. This is not an ordinary war. They believe that it’s a time to have the decisive blow to Jewry around the world and heart of Jewishness, the state of Israel.”

“Unfortunately, can I say, the free world now is watching it, not indifferently as in the 1930s, but applauding. There’s so much work to be done.”

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