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Former Opponent Of Trump Shifts Feelings: ‘You Or Your Staff Can Always Call Upon Me’

via PBS NewsHour
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Cyrus Vance Jr., the former Manhattan district attorney, has been involved in legal battles against Donald Trump, but seems to have shifted his stance.

Trump recently shared a letter and an email from Vance, congratulating him on his victory and expressing support during a difficult time.

“After so expertly taking the pulse of the nation, you now stand in a position to move us forward,” Vance’s letter read. (Trending: Judge Announces Historic Ruling In Jeffrey Epstein Case)

“Realizing how important law enforcement and criminal justice issues are to you, please know that you or your staff can always call upon me,” it added.

“There are common sense ideas that can serve us all well, no matter what the country’s political differences may be.”

“My best to you and Melania, and to your beautiful family,” Vance’s letter read.

“Rhona: I was thinking of the President this morning, particularly as I share June 14th as a birthday with him, but also in connection with the terrible events that took place in Alexandria [Virginia],” Vance emailed.

“Please convey to him my birthday greetings, but most importantly, wishes for strength leading the country in these difficult times.”

Vance’s political background and his successor’s actions make the message particularly surprising.

Vance’s cautious response to his successor’s indictment of Trump is highlighted, indicating his focus on letting the legal process unfold.

Vance’s opposition to Trump has clearly come to an end.

“Well, I think the indictment of the president’s – former president himself is an extraordinary event. There’s no getting around that. And it’s an important event, legally and culturally,” Vance said.

“So that’s — my first reaction is we — is that everybody has reason to be very focused on the sort of severity of where we are right now and the divisions within our country. That said, I also agree with you, Scott, that we need to all hold our fire.”

“The only person who really knows why he made the decision is Alvin Bragg, and the facts that will support or not support his decision will be laid out when the indictment is dismissed,” he added.

“Until then, I think we all can have our political viewpoints, but we need to let the process play out.”

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