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Bidenomics: US Homelessness Hits Record High, Families Impacted Most

via PBS NewsHour
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The significant increase in homelessness in the United States, particularly among families with children and unaccompanied youths has drawn negative attention to the White House, as many are casting blame on “Bidenomics.”

Factors such as a shortage of affordable housing and the impact of unfettered illegal immigration have played the greatest roles in the rising homelessness.

“The sharpest rise in homelessness was among people in families with children — this measure rose by 15.5 percent,” The Epoch Times wrote. (Trending: Prominent LGBTQ Activist Arrested Over Disturbing Charges)

“Next was homelessness among unaccompanied youths, which increased by 15.3 percent.”

The diversion of taxpayer resources to shelter and feed illegal aliens while many Americans struggle with homelessness has caused outrage among Republicans, with a handful of prominent figures pushing for the impeachment of Biden over his refusal to secure the border.

“To me, the story is the migrant crisis,” researcher Dennis Culhane said.

“Even without the migrant crisis we would have seen some increase, but certainly not to this extent.”

Concerns surrounding public safety and the overall state of the country under the current administration remain a constant topic of conversation among American media outlets.

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