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‘This Will Open The Floodgates’: Political Insiders Warn About Consequences Of Colorado Ruling Against Trump

via CBS Evening News
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Former President Donald Trump has been removed from the ballot in Colorado, prompting concerns about setting a precedent for other states.

Washington Times editor Charlie Hurt expressed the belief that the Supreme Court will have to take up the case, emphasizing that the move is not just about ballot access but also about preventing Trump from securing the Republican nomination.

Hurt criticized the Democrats in Colorado, accusing them of undermining democracy by preventing American voters from choosing the next president. (Trending: FBI Bribery Probe Caught Joe Biden’s Brother On Tape)

“We expect the Supreme Court to take the case, what do you think is going to happen, Charlie?” Jesse Watters asked.

“I think without a doubt they have no choice but to take up the case because I think you’re exactly right about this. They are trying to set a precedent,” Hurt said.

“This will open the floodgates. You will have left-wing lunatic states all around the country trying to do the same thing. You’re exactly right.”

“This has very little to do with ballot access in the general election. It has to do with barring Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination.”

“I thought his statement was pretty interesting where he said Democrat leaders have lost faith in Joe Biden. That’s true. But Democrat leaders have also lost faith in democracy and that’s what we’re seeing in Colorado today.”

“The Democrats in Colorado are so afraid of allowing American voters to vote and pick the next president they are willing to do extrajudicial things, complete highway robbery here in order to thwart the people’s choice from being on the ballot.”

“To them, preserving democracy requires destroying democracy and that’s who we’re doing with. These people are unhinged, they’re lunatics and they’re very dangerous.”

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