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Mara Gay To Trump Voters: ‘Why Are You Standing With Confederates?’

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Mara Gay criticized Republican candidates’ argument that voters should decide who should be on the ballot and not the courts, asking why they are standing with Confederates who betrayed the country.

She highlighted the need to prevent those with nefarious purposes from using the electoral system against democracy, referencing the amendment to the Constitution made after the Civil War to prevent ex-Confederates from running for office.

“Mara Gay, what do you say to the Republican candidates’ argument that this should be — the voters should have the say and not the courts?” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough asked. (Trending: Supreme Court Delivers Historic Ruling on AR-15s)

“Why are you standing with Confederates who betrayed this country? And this is what they are standing with is the spirit of those Confederates rather than the Americans who came together after a long and brutal civil war that was fought to keep the union together,” Gay said.

“And clearly saw a threat in ex-Confederates running for office, so much so that they amended the Constitution to prevent those traders from running for office.”

“That should send a message that our election system, our electoral system can be used for nefarious purposes against the democracy itself.”

“It’s clear as day.”

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