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Biden’s Antisemitism Ambassador Claims ‘People Are Afraid’ Of Anti-Israel Violence

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Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism Ambassasdor Deborah Lipstadt discussed the surge in global antisemitism, mentioning instances in the United States and various European countries.

She highlighted the fear and impact on individuals, including children facing taunts and calls.

Andrea Mitchell noted a shift in sympathy for Israel after the bombing of a refugee camp, and they touched on the humanitarian crisis and the impact on Israel. (Trending: FBI Bribery Probe Caught Joe Biden’s Brother On Tape)

“This is a tough time,” began Mitchell.

“It’s a very tough time,” Lipstadt agreed.

“When I first came into office, it was busy. There was a rise, there was a surge in antisemitism already then, but now we’re seeing a tsunami,” she continued.

“And it’s — you’ve mentioned two instances here in the United States, but it’s across the world,” she explained.

“I’ve been, since October 7, in Italy, France, Germany, Canada, and now in Israel, but in all those European countries and in Canada, people are afraid,” shared the Special Envoy.

“A mother in France said to me, ‘I took my child out of the general school’ — the public schools as we would call it — ‘because he was being subjected to taunts and calls’, etc.”

The Biden Official told Mitchell, “But, now, Hamas — the day of supposed terror that Hamas [threatened], I sent him to a Jewish school. I don’t know if he’s safe there. I don’t know what to do. And it was very poignant, very poignant.”

Mitchell responded, “One thing that occurs is that there was so much sympathy for Israel after October 7.”

“It turned rather quickly,” she continued.

Adding, “And my feeling, anecdotally, is it really turned after the bombing of the refugee camp.”

“And the hospital,” interjected Lipstadt.

Mitchell continued, “And the hospital. And the siege created problems with the U.N. The U.N. is always difficult for Israel, there’s no question about that. But is there any way that they could further ameliorate the humanitarian crisis, which is what the administration is pressing them to do?”

“I can’t speak to that specifically,” responded Lipstadt.

Lipstadt also mentioned incidents such as British Airways pulling a sitcom and attacks on synagogues.

“But I do know that the antisemitism that has emerged in coordination or at the same time simultaneously with this, in small ways and in large — there was a thing just this weekend that British Airways is pulling a sitcom that was scheduled to go onto internal entertainment…so it sounds like a sitcom, a ‘Seinfeld’ kind of sitcom from a British-based studio, because it doesn’t want to take sides,” said Lipstadt.

“So, what’s — and the Philadelphia, a very — a good restaurant, with an Israeli theme, gets bombarded and people are protesting,” she continued.

Mitchell said the restaurant was “singled out, just because it was owned by an Israeli.”

Lipstadt said, “And the attack that you mentioned in the opening — the attack on synagogues, and the — even if they were not real attacks, my synagogue in Atlanta felt it, other synagogues felt it, people are afraid to go.”

She emphasized that antisemitism is always wrong and discussed gender-based violence against women.

“They’re cleared out in the middle of services. Irrespective of how you feel about the Middle East and what your position is on Gaza, on the West Bank, on two states, the antisemitism is always wrong,” declared the bureaucrat.

Mitchell added that the international community’s recognition of these issues came only recently.

Lipstadt continued, “And, on top of that, what we saw — and I met with some of the people who have family, who’ve experienced this, or are treating people who have experienced this, the gender-based violence against women, against Israeli women, not all of them Jew[s], most of them Jews, but not all of them Jews, has just been horrific.”

“And the failure of the international community to recognize that until, finally, last week,” added Mitchell.

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