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Austin’s Soros-Backed DA Blasted After Man Charged With 7th DUI, Killing 2 People Released On Bond

via KXAN on Youtube
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The progressive district attorney of Austin is under fire for reducing charges and bond for Roberto Rangel, a man with seven DUIs who allegedly caused a fatal accident.

Rangel’s charges were reduced to DWI, and his bond was lowered before his release, sparking outrage in the community.

Critics argue that the DA’s policies are endangering public safety, with some even calling for his removal from office. (Trending: Judge Announces Historic Ruling In Jeffrey Epstein Case)

The situation has led to intense criticism from various parties, including law enforcement officials and political figures, who claim that the DA’s leniency has led to avoidable tragedies and a failure to uphold the law effectively.

“We don’t understand why he’s out,” Elida Zamora, Garcia’s mother, said.

“I think that a guy like him is basically making a mockery out of our legal system,” Mark Narvaez’s father, Hector, added.

“A precise example of how DA Jose Garza’s policies are DIRECTLY threatening public safety,” Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak wrote.

“Imagine a DA office REDUCING charges for someone arrested for their 6th DUI.”

“Yet another example of how every day, in every way, Jose Garza works to make our community less safe,” Austin criminal defense attorney Daniel Betts said.

“While he pays lip service to victims, he fails to protect the community and uphold the law on a multiple homicide, not even bothering to attempt to indict it as anything other than a simple DWI.”

“Travis County has been sold a bill of goods, and it’s time that the voters wake up to reality and show him the door.”

“Very avoidable tragedies too often caused by the prosecution side of the house. For the last three years, we have seen that side falter and fail under Jose and Delia Garza’s policies,” an anonymous police officer said.

“It’s time our citizens pay attention, educate themselves and vote for public safety … so they and the visitors of our great city get the public safety they deserve.”

“Another example of Travis County prosecutors going easy on violent criminals,” the Austin Police Association posted.

“Victims lives are marginalized. Where is the justice for the families & loved ones of the victim?”

“He has no experience prosecuting cases, and you’ve got somebody who has been arrested for DWI seven times,” Dennis Farris, president of the Austin Police Retired Officers Association said.

“He should have been in prison already anyway. He was out, he was driving and he killed two people. And this district attorney has allowed this guy, they didn’t push for a high enough bar to keep this guy in jail.

“This guy should have been charged with murder, not just intoxication manslaughter. He should have been charged with murder. And this guy should not be out walking the streets because he’s been arrested seven times for DWI. He’s got a problem.”

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