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Trump Attorney Warns Of ‘Relentless’ Retaliation If Donald Trump Gets Elected To Second Term

via Sky News
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Alina Habba, a Trump attorney, issued a strong warning at Turning Point USA’s 2023 AmericaFest, emphasizing Trump’s relentless retaliation against various groups and politicians.

She highlighted Trump’s legal protection under the Presidential Records Act and criticized Joe Biden’s mishandling of documentation.

Habba hinted at potential scrutiny of Biden and others, expressing her determination to pursue this. (Trending: FBI Bribery Probe Caught Joe Biden’s Brother On Tape)

“Because he [Biden} wasn’t president when he took his boxes in six different locations,” said Habba.

“In Chinatown, in his car next to his son, who’s doing God knows what with God knows who,” continued Trump’s attorney.

“They hide what they’ve done by going after Trump,” she charged.

“Look at the shiny ball, everybody. Don’t look at us,” she said.

“Well, they’ve got one year, and then we’re going to be looking at them, deep and hard,” she said.

“I’ll tell you right now, if I’m in Washington, I’ll be relentless, too,” promised Habba.

Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung previously stated, “We look forward to the conference set by Judge Cannon for next March, where future scheduling matters, including a potential trial date will be discussed.”

Cheung also criticized the federal government’s attempt to “to deny President Trump’s constitutional rights to prepare for trial.”

“It is clearly in the best interest of Justice for President Trump to have adequate time to prepare and file motions, as he works to defeat these hoaxes and marches back to the White House,” Cheung said.

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