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Tom Brady Posts Cryptic ‘Lying Cheating Heart’ Message On Social Media

via Sports Illustrated on Youtube
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Tom Brady posted a cryptic message on Instagram about a “lying cheating heart,” attributed to Muhammad Ali. The post has sparked controversy as to whether the NFL legend was referencing his previous relationship.

It is unclear what the message was about, but it comes following his divorce from Gisele Bündchen.

“Be proud of the man in the glass,” Brady wrote online. (Trending: FBI Bribery Probe Caught Joe Biden’s Brother On Tape)

“The personality of a person. The ways of a person. His thoughts. His deeds. His actions. Are all based around his heart.”

“For what is a man? A man is his heart.”

“A lying cheating heart means a lying cheating man. A loving merciful heart means a loving merciful man. A living heart means living man. A dead heart means a dead man. Regardless to a man’s title.”

“Regardless to a man’s rank, wealth or position, if the heart is not great then he cannot be great. But if the heart is great that man remains great under all circumstances, rich or poor, large or small, for it is the heart that makes one large or small.”

Brady has spoken about the challenges of co-parenting and the need to provide a solid foundation for his kids.

He emphasized the importance of learning from failures and adversities, and the need to keep growing as a person.

“We’re never a finished product. The kids aren’t finished products,” Brady said.

“At the end of the day, we’re learning along with them. And all you can do is the best you can do with the opportunities that you have, and the challenges you have, and we all have unique challenges to our life that we deal with.”

“We’re all gonna fail. We’re all gonna have adversities in life, and I think you’re defined a lot by your adversities because those are the things in the end that challenge you to grow the most,” Brady added.

“I mean, life has its ups and downs, professionally, and there’s different things that happen in your life personally, and you just gotta continue to understand them emotionally, intellectually, and then as you move forward, try not to make the same mistakes.”

“And just try to keep growing and become a better person by all your different actions.”

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