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Journalist Hit With Jan 6 Charges: ‘We Must All Rally And End This Totalitarian Madness’

via CNBC
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Conservative journalist Steve Baker is facing unspecified federal charges related to his coverage of the January 6, 2021 Capitol incursion, as revealed by the FBI.

The timing of the directive has been called into question, with Baker’s attorney being informed of potential charges almost two years ago.

“My attorney has just been notified by @FBI that I am going to be charged by @TheJusticeDept for my journalistic efforts on #Jan 6,” Baker wrote. (Trending: FBI Bribery Probe Caught Joe Biden’s Brother On Tape)

“Charges are yet unknown,” the report found.

“Just after 5pm yesterday my Raleigh attorney received a call from @FBI Special Agent Craig Noyes informing us that my self-surrender would be postponed until ‘after Christmas’ and that @TheJusticeDept has assigned a new AUSA to my case.”

“They put me through this emotional rollercoaster exactly two years ago when [Assistant U.S. Attorney] Anita Eve informed my attorney that I’d be ‘charged within the week.’ Then, they went silent for 20 months,” he added.

The journalist, who did not commit any crimes during the event, has been living under the threat of arrest.

This action has been viewed as an attack on free speech by the Biden administration, particularly given that Baker’s investigative reports contradict the mainstream media narrative.

The situation raises concerns about the impartiality of the federal criminal justice system.

Blaze Media editor-in-chief Matthew Peterson labeled the event an “outrageous retaliation on the part of the federal government against a journalist.”

“[Baker] was an independent journalist on J6; he’s now investigating the events of that day for The Blaze. We must all rally and end this totalitarian madness,” he said.

“We recently published evidence that Capital Police officers committed perjury in the Oath Keepers trial and this is apparently the DOJ’s response,” Peterson wrote.

“When [Baker] got word he was being charged, he was in DC working on our investigation of the J6 footage.”

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