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Gavin Newsom Pushes Off Nuclear Plant Shutdown, Goes Against His Own Agenda

via NBC News
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California’s push for renewable energy has faced significant challenges, leading to a reevaluation of its energy policies.

The decision to extend the lifespan of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant by five years reflects a shift in approach, with Governor Gavin Newsom advocating for its extension despite previous opposition.

Additionally, the state’s reliance on natural gas has increased, highlighting the limitations of wind and solar power. (Trending: FBI Bribery Probe Caught Joe Biden’s Brother On Tape)

“California energy regulators on Thursday voted to extend the lifespan of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant by five years, moving the shutdown date from 2025 to 2030. The 2025 date was agreed to back in 2016 as California Democrats attempted to purge nuclear energy from the state’s grid,” the report noted.

“Newsom went from campaigning to shut down the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility to pushing for it to be expanded. Natural gas comprised about 47% of the state’s energy in 2022, compared to just over 26% for wind and solar combined.”

“This now marks four years of California turning to natural gas to avoid blackouts, with Newsom now taking a more proactive approach to avoid additional headlines about, for example, firing up temporary gas-field generators to keep the grid running,” the report added.

These developments suggest that California’s renewable energy aspirations have fallen short, prompting skepticism about the feasibility of rapid transitions to unreliable energy sources.

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