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Does Trump Removal From Colorado Ballot Help Or Hurt Biden?

via Forbes Breaking News
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Jim Messina, former Obama campaign chief, stated that the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove Donald Trump from the Republican presidential primary ballot plays into the Biden campaign’s greater narrative.

Messina emphasized the need to draw a clear contrast and unify against Trump, suggesting that such events serve to reinforce the narrative against Trump’s candidacy.

He highlighted the importance of such moments in prompting voters to reconsider their choices, indicating that these events could potentially impact the upcoming elections. (Trending: Supreme Court Delivers Historic Ruling on AR-15s)

“It is time to draw a contrast,” Messina said.

“It is very time to wake up the country and say, hey, the choice couldn’t be any clearer. That includes the Democrats. Democrats, you know, love to complain about lots of things, but this is democracy sitting on the ballot right now.”

“We can all have our complaints about various things, but we cannot allow Donald Trump to win the presidency. We all have to unify. And these types of things, that will help try that message.”

“Well, look, in the short term, Donald Trump, this will help him in the primary. Every time a normal court has a ruling, it seems to help him, which is absolutely crazy for me. But it is very true.”

“In the long term, this plays exactly into the Biden campaign narrative.”

“What they will say look at the past month, meaning he admitted he would be a dictator. This weekend he talked about immigrants poisoning the blood of the country.”

“Now he is being thrown off the ballots because of his insurrection. Do you really want to go back to this? is this what we, as a country, want to go back to? Elections are about choices. This kind of moment, it drives a narrative that is very important politically.”

“As a guy who used to run presidential campaigns, I can tell you there are moments that voters wake up and say, huh, should I rethink myself here on this ballot question?”

“And I think that Donald Trump is continuing to give voters those moments as they start to pay attention in the new year. This court ruling is another way for voters to wake up and say, do we really want to go back to this craziness?”

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