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Top Democrat Pollster Says Joe Biden Must Stop Saying He’s Making Progress As Disposable Income Fell

via ABC News
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Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg emphasized the need for President Joe Biden to address the economic challenges faced by Americans, particularly rising inflation and falling disposable income.

Greenberg highlighted that people are increasingly frustrated with the impact of inflation on essential goods, and the president’s messaging should acknowledge the real economic struggles instead of focusing solely on progress.

He stressed the importance of acknowledging and addressing the primary concern of inflation and its impact on the cost of living. (Trending: FBI Bribery Probe Caught Joe Biden’s Brother On Tape)

“[W]e are coming out of a period with three exceptional factors,” Geenberg began.

“One is inflation, he continued.

“Inflation concentrates the mind, it’s been inflation on essentials, energy, fuel prices, food, real basics, second has been the fact that the political class has done nothing about the profiteering, and then third is the migration that’s come through as a result of wars and climate change,” explained the pollster.

“[W]hat matters is how many months people have been struggling to deal with inflation,” continued Greenberg.

Highlighting, “And each month, they get madder and madder about it as long as their wages are trailing prices.”

“In the last six months, there has been a decline in disposable income. So, the context is, you have to start there. Inflation is like 30 points higher than the next problem,” revealed the Democratic analyst.

“And you can’t — what the President currently is doing, is his tweets always start with, we’re making progress, and then he mentions prices,” advised Greenberg.

“If you look at his ads aimed at black voters, [they’re] mainly trying to convince them they’re doing a good job. But that’s not where they are. They are not — they are losing ground every month and angered about it. But you have to stop, you have to say, what’s the main problem? How do you deal with the first problem, which is inflation and the cost of living?”

Greenberg concluded, “You have to stop on the notion that we’re making progress. You have to get where people are. And where they are is on the rise in prices.”

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