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Poll Reveals Americans’ Disapproval Of Joe Biden’s Open-Border Agenda

via 60 Minutes
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President Biden’s immigration policies have led to a significant drop in public support for both legal and illegal migration.

Polls indicate that only 26% of Americans approve of Biden’s immigration policy, with 69% opposing it.

The policy has also raised concerns about its impact on inflation and drug trafficking. (Trending: Ousted Democrat Who Filmed Explicit Tape Blames Homophobia)

The administration is now considering revamping its pro-migration policies due to the negative public sentiment.

Recent polls show a shift in public opinion, with a growing number of Americans wanting reduced migration levels, even among Democrats and independents.

Biden’s immigration policies have added millions of workers to the U.S. workforce, affecting wages, innovation, and economic pressure.

“Biden’s Extraction Migration policies are deliberately adding the foreigners’ problems to the lengthening list of Americans’ problems — homelessness, low wages, a shrinking middle class, slowing innovation, declining blue-collar life expectancy, spreading poverty, the rising death toll from drugs, and the spreading alienation among young people,” the report noted.

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