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Expert Lip Reader Says Taylor Swift Didn’t Curse During Chiefs Game But May Have Come Close

via Page Six on Youtube
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Taylor Swift attended the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the New England Patriots, and was seen on camera appearing upset and potentially mouthing an expletive or calling for a penalty flag.

However, a lip-reading expert stated that it was not clear if she used an expletive, and suggested that she may have been saying a different word.

“After careful examination, it is my professional opinion that Taylor Swift did not utter the expletive ‘f—‘ as has been alleged,” Freeman said. (Trending: FBI Bribery Probe Caught Joe Biden’s Brother On Tape)

“The lip patterns observed do not align with this specific word. The sequence appears to begin with ‘you,” followed by a sound resembling ‘f.’ However, upon closely observing her mouth movements, it seems she rolls her R. This movement does not correspond with the alleged word ‘flag.’”

Freeman believes she was likely saying something similar to, “frug,” “fry,” or “fruck.”

“Given the context and her vocal expression, it is plausible that she might have altered her intended word mid-sentence, possibly upon realizing she was being observed,” he added.

“This could result in what appears to be an incomplete or nonsensical utterance.”

“It’s important to note that without clear audio to accompany the footage, any interpretation of lip-reading remains somewhat speculative.”

“However, based on my expertise in lip-reading, the evidence does not support the claim that the specific offensive word was used.”

The debate over what Swift said divided the internet.

Despite the controversy, Swift was able to see the Kansas City Chiefs win the game.

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