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Trump Labeled A ‘Authoritarian Narcissist’ As Members Of His Own Party Turn On Him

via Forbes Breaking News
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Donald Trump’s recent rhetoric has sparked concern, with his comments drawing parallels to Nazi Germany’s language about racial purity and poisoning of blood.

His repeated use of such phrases, coupled with his authoritarian leanings and intense rhetoric, has raised alarms among critics.

“He’s a populist, authoritarian narcissist,” former House Speaker Paul Ryan said. (Trending: Obama Reveals His Fear For Joe Ahead Of 2024)

“So, historically speaking, all of his tendencies are basically where narcissism takes him, which is whatever makes him popular, makes him feel good at any given moment.”

“Donald Trump realizes the walls are closing in,” Chris Christie said to CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“He’s becoming crazier. And now he’s citing Vladimir Putin as a character witness, a guy who is a murderous thug all around the world.”

“We’re talking about language. I could care less what language people use as long as we get it right,” Sen. Lindsey Graham said.

“I believe in legal immigration. I have no animosity toward people trying to come to our country. I have animosity against terrorists and against drug dealers.”

Trump’s manipulation of warnings to rally his supporters, along with his continued false claims about the 2020 election, has solidified his position among Republican voters.

“He’s disgusting,” Christie said of Trump.

“And what he’s doing is dog whistling to Americans who feel absolutely under stress and strain from the economy and from the conflicts around the world, and he’s dog whistling to blame it on people from areas that don’t look like us.”

“My approach is different,” said Nikki Haley.

“No drama, no vendettas, no whining.”

Despite criticism from some Republicans, his lead in polls for the GOP primary in New Hampshire and Iowa illustrates his enduring influence within the party.

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