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NewsNation Host Chris Cuomo Stunned By Woman With Tourette’s Syndrome: ‘Butter Your Own Biscuit’

via NewsNation
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NewsNation host Chris Cuomo interviewed 20-year-old Baylen Dupree, a social media influencer with Tourette’s syndrome, on his show.

During the interview, Dupree experienced moments where her Tourette’s symptoms took over, including involuntary vocalizations.

Cuomo expressed support for Dupree’s bravery and emphasized the need to treat people with decency despite stigma. (Trending: Democrat Excludes White People From Holiday Party In Controversial Email)

Dupree highlighted the neurological nature of Tourette’s and the misconceptions surrounding it.

Throughout the interview, Dupree said a variety of vulgar things due to her condition, to which Cuomo chuckled and tried not to laugh.

“I’m not going to censor her. Yeah, she’s going to say some things that you would not want to say yourself, let alone have said to you, which is probably going to be my position,” Cuomo said.

“But as I told Baylen just moments ago, she’s not going to say anything to me that my whole team hasn’t wanted to say since the day that they met me.”

“But I love the bravery and I love that we can get through the stigma and just treat somebody with decency because we all deserve it.”

“I want people to learn that Tourette’s is a neurological, involuntary motor and vocal disorder,” she said.

“F— off. F— off. F— off.”

“I don’t tic 24/7, and there’s a lot of… little baby weiners. F— off. F— you, Chris. There’s a lot of things that people don’t understand.”

“Like, people think that cussing is with everyone who has Tourette syndrome, but it’s only in 10 percent of people with Tourette’s.”

Later on, Dupree said, “I also get very evil people that would comment and say like — go f— yourself, Chris. Little baby weiners. [inaudible] up your a–. Butter your own biscuit, fat a–.”

“That have told me that my parents deserved to die in a car accident because I am faking my condition.”

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