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Hollywood Criticized For Upcoming Movie Release Depicting ‘Three-Term President’

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The official trailer for the movie “Civil War” was released, depicting a contemporary civil war in the United States.

The film’s timing raised suspicion and criticism on social media, with some questioning its potential to normalize or influence public perception of current political situations.

The trailer’s portrayal of a plausible civil war scenario struck a nerve with many viewers, prompting strong reactions. (Trending: Obama Reveals His Fear For Joe Ahead Of 2024)

While the film’s plot doesn’t directly mirror modern politics, the events depicted feel more plausible than they would have in the past.

“Nineteen states have seceded. The United States Army ramps up activity. The White House issued warnings to the Western Forces as well as the Florida Alliance. The three-term president assures the uprising will be dealt with swiftly,” the announcers say in the trailer.

“Citizens of America, the so-called ‘Western Forces’ of Texas and California have suffered a very great defeat at the hands of the United States military,” the “three-term president” stated later on.

A journalist later questions the president if he regretted “the use of airstrikes against American citizens.”

Critics of the film took no time to express their distaste online.

“Looks to me like they are trying to normalize something. Or make Americans believe that the US government would air strike American citizens. Propaganda in some capacity,” the Clandestine X account wrote.

“Media: Trump supporters are inciting threats to our democracy! Hollywood: *makes mass-distributed movie about Civil War in America*,” DC_Draino posted.

“First Obama’s Cyberattack movie and now this. Think they’re trying to tell us something?” another user wrote.

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