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‘We Are Done’, Marjorie Taylor Greene Trashes GOP Candidate Nikki Haley

via 60 Minutes
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) stated that America first conservatives would oppose any role for Nikki Haley in a potential Trump administration due to her contrasting views on foreign policy, free speech, government spending, and social policy.

Greene emphasized Haley’s positions on social media verification, Ukraine funding, parental rights, and immigration as reasons for the opposition, adding that Haley represents the establishment America last wing of the Republican Party.

Haley’s agenda has been different from the America First’s position on several issues.

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– Haley said, “every person on social media should be verified by their name.”
– Will continue defending Ukraine’s eastern border with American taxpayer funds.
– Haley said parents’ rights include irreversible, life-altering “transgender” surgery for their children
– Weak on immigration.

“MAGA would revolt if Nikki Haley were to even be given an internship in Trump’s next administration,” charged Greene on X.

“She represents the neocon establishment America last wing of the Republican Party that we are absolutely done with,” continued Greene.

Adding, “Also, she lied and said she would not run against Trump.”

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