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‘The Trump Party’: Here’s Why Donald Trump’s Supporters Are Calling The Shots With Republicans

via CNN
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A large portion of GOP voters identify more with Donald Trump than the Republican Party, with 34% favoring Trump over the party, and 46% of his supporters indicating they would back a Trump Party.

Despite facing legal challenges and criticism, Trump maintains a strong base, largely due to his claims of election fraud and a perceived connection with his supporters.

Primary rivals are struggling to make headway against Trump’s lead in polls, with various strategies to appeal to different segments of the Republican base. (Trending: Devastating News For Hunter Biden After Defying Subpoena)

Patrick Murray, Director of the Independent Monmouth University Polling Institute said, “These are people who have converted it to the Trump Party.” said .

A CBS News reported in a joint poll with YouGov in August that nearly all of his voters believe that Trump “fights for people like me.”

Trump celebrates this momentum at rallies by often saying, “This is the greatest movement in the history of our country.”

Pollster Frank Luntz criticizes this movement, saying the former president created “a cult of personality” within the Republican Party.

“That cult of personality is carrying him right now,” said Luntz.

Adding, “When anybody else would have been destroyed,” he said.

“The idea that we’re going to put someone up there that’s almost 80 – and there’s going to be no effects from that – we all know that that’s not true,” said DeSantis at the debate last week.

“So we have an opportunity to do a next generation of leaders and really be able to move this country forward,” he continued.

The power of Trump’s base raises questions about the potential impact on the GOP if Trump falters and loses the nomination, with concerns about whether his supporters would back the GOP nominee or stay home.

Hogan Gidley, a former spokesman for the Trump White House said, “A lot of those voters will go to Trump.”

“There’s a lot of people in this to support him – but also to support him as leader of the party,” Gidley added.

“Trump could sink the GOP,” warns Luntz, “as he threatened to do after 2020.”

Trump’s dominance in polls, with leads of around 50 percentage points, makes it challenging for other candidates.

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