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Legal Experts Explain How Rudy Giuliani’s Latest Financial Blow Could Play Out

via NBC News
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Rudy Giuliani has been ordered to pay $148 million to two Georgia election workers he defamed after the 2020 election.

Despite doubts about his ability to pay, legal experts believe his assets will be seized by the plaintiffs.

Bankruptcy will not shield Giuliani from the ruling, and his refusal to cooperate could result in jail time. (Trending: Devastating News For Hunter Biden After Defying Subpoena)

“Does he have $148 million? No, I’m not even sure that Rudy Giuliani can afford to pay for Four Seasons landscaping right now,” former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal said.

“But nonetheless, I think whatever he’s got is now going to be seized by these two plaintiffs,” Katyal said.

“This kind of judgment is not wiped out by bankruptcy. So they’re entitled to continue looking and to take depositions and discovery,” former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann said.

“He didn’t say where his assets were. He didn’t say anything about that. If he continues to do that, the one thing that the judge has not yet done, but can do, is put him in jail,” Weissmann said.

“So there are still remedies for the judge to make sure that every asset he has is disclosed.”

“The bravery of these two women, like the bravery of E. Jean Carroll, to not be just victims, but to seek legal accountability, is important regardless of whether they ever see a dime of the judgment,” Weissmann said.

The significance of the ruling has been emphasized by legal experts, and Giuliani faces additional legal and financial troubles, including lawsuits and criminal charges related to the 2020 election.

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