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Haley Criticizes Trump On Foreign Policy: ‘I Don’t Agree With How He Handles National Security’

via Face the Nation
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Nikki Haley criticized former President Donald Trump’s handling of national security, trade with China, and the national debt.

She also expressed disapproval of his praise for communist China and Islamic terrorists.

“I don’t agree with how he handles national security,” Haley said. (Trending: Obama Reveals His Fear For Joe Ahead Of 2024)

“He focused on trade with China, but he did nothing about the fentanyl flow.”

“He did nothing about the fact that fentanyl has killed so many of our Americans.”

When asked what she felt about Trump’s message that he is the voter’s “retribution,” she expressed frustration with the media’s focus on Trump.

“You’re exhausting in your obsession with him,” Haley said.

“Life will be a whole lot different if the media would stop this obsession with Trump.”

“I mean, I was just asking about his central campaign theme, which is ‘I am your retribution,’ and he’s winning in the polls,” the host said.

“That’s why I’m asking. It’s not an obsession. I’m asking about the leading candidate that you’ve been running against.”

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