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‘Direct Conflict’: GOP Backs Border Security While Democrats Want To Fund War In Ukraine

via CBS 8 San Diego
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Punchbowl News co-founder and MSNBC Political Contributor Jake Sherman explained that the impasse between Republicans and Democrats on immigration policy is due to conflicting goals.

Republicans aim to reduce the number of people crossing the border, while Democrats want to process individuals quicker without necessarily reducing the numbers.

Additionally, there is a separate issue regarding an aid package, where Republicans feel the administration lacks a strategy for spending taxpayer money in Ukraine. (Trending: Joe Biden Impeachment Formalized As Republicans Unite)

“What Republicans are asking Congress to do is to solve one of the most bedeviling issues that Congress faces perennially — or at least somewhat often, which is the status of the border and migration laws,” began Sherman.

“And there’s an intractable issue here. Republicans want to clamp down on the people who are crossing the border. They want fewer people to cross the border. Democrats want to process people quicker at the border and don’t necessarily want to bring those numbers down,” he explained.

“Those are in direct conflict,” noted Sherman.

“That’s number one. Number two, there’s a separate issue about why this aid package is more difficult than others, which is House Republicans and many Senate Republicans feel as if the administration has not given them justifications for the continued spending of taxpayer money in Ukraine,” said the analyst.

“They feel that the administration doesn’t have a strategy, the Ukrainians don’t have a strategy, and they’ve not gotten any sufficient, in their view, answers as to how this war will proceed, progress, and wrap up at some point in the future,” continued Sherman.

Adding, “So, those are very difficult.”

This lack of clarity has made the aid package more difficult to pass.

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